JAPAN by Japan​

Sake Brewery

Discover Japan’s Hidden Gem

You might have been there before, but did you try all the charms they offer in various seasons?

Let us introduce you to some of the top Japanese sake breweries!

Discover how sake is uniquely produced and immerse yourself in Japanese culture as we take you through the tour, revisiting the history of the quintessential Japanese drink.

• Unveil the secrets behind the iconic drink

Have an up-close & personal experience to observe how sake is produced to perfection by the craftsmen. Here, you will learn the vast difference between sake and wine making.

• An educational experience for all

You will meet the brewery owners who will guide you through this sake journey. There will also be industry experts who will share more about the sake brewing industry.

• Let’s time travel

Sake is more than just a drink! The art of producing sake dates back more than 2000 years ago.Dive into the history on how the brewery architecture plays a big role in the fine quality during the sake brewing process.