Feel the Autumn Atmosphere at Mr. Arashiyama in the Ancient City of Kyoto

The ancient city of Kyoto still has many places where you can get a taste of the tradition and history.You can feel the fall in Kyoto through various locations such as Tenryu-ji Temple, Sagano's bamboo forest, and Togetsukyo Bridge.

A trip to feel the autumn atmosphere in Mt. Arashiyama

In Sogenchi Garden of the World Heritage Site registered Tenryu-ji Temple, the scenery of Mt. Arashiyama surrounded by the fall leaves is beautifully reflected on the Sogenchi Pond.

You may feel the Autumn in the ancient city of Kyoto with this scene. If you exit Tenryu-ji Temple from the north gate, you can take a walk through "Bamboo Forest Street", which is even used for TV commercials in Japan. Here in this magic like road where rickshaws often pass through, you are surrounded by 360 degrees of bamboo and get a taste of what Kyoto used to be like.

After you exit out of the bamboo forest, you can ride on a tram. In Autumn, the tram slowly passes through a path of lit up trees, making it feel like you are going through a fall colored tunnel.

Next on your fall sightseeing adventure is Togetsukyo Bridge, the symbol of Mt. Arashiyama. The fall foliage of Mt. Arashiyama puts on a wonderful performance as the fall in Kyoto.
We recommend the fall as the best season to visit Mt. Arashiyama because you can enjoy the ancient city and its fall scenery at the same time!

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