Beppu Hot Springs, the Largest Hot Spring Area in Japan

Beppu Hot Springs in Oita Prefecture is one of the three famous hot springs locations in Japan.

It is known for being number one nationwide in the number of hot springs wells and the amount of hot water yield, as well as having several types of hot springs.

Out of the 11 different types of hot springs there are, you can bathe in 10 of them at Beppu!

Enjoy the hot springs with Beppu Jigoku Meguri (The Hell Tour)

Beppu Hot Springs is famous along with Atami Hot Springs and Nanki Shirahama Hot Springs for being the three major hot springs in Japan. It is a 45 minute bus ride from Oita airport. Also called Beppu Onsen-gou (Beppu Hot Springs Village) and Beppu Hattou (Eight Hot Springs of Beppu), it is divided into eight areas.

The biggest draw about Beppu Hot Springs has to be that it is number one in Japan in hot spring wells with 2,217 and hot water yields with 83,058 litters/minute. Out of the 11 different types of hot springs there are, you can experience 10 of them in Beppu!

For those that want to enjoy themselves as much as possible, we recommend going on a Beppu Jigoku Meguri tour (The Hell Tour) through a regular sightseeing bus. It is a tour where you can see colored hot springs made from blue, red, and white ingredients, as well as irregular hot springs like geysers.

You especially cannot afford to miss Umi Jigoku (sea hell), Chinoike Jigoku (blood hell), Shiraike Jigoku (white pond hell), and Tastumaki Jigoku (tornado hell), which have all been designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty in Japan!

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