Oirase Keiryu in Kinshu

Oirase Keiryu is a Keiryu(which means stream in english) located in Oirase river with 14 km from Nenokuchi at Lake Todawa to Yakeyama.

There are well-maintained roadways and pedestrian mall built along the stream, where people can enjoy the scenic beauties of nature. Oirase Keiryu is signified as a two-star in Michelin Green Guides Tohoku web, by Japan Michelin Tire(Tokyo).

The splendid scenery of the panoramic beauty of nature since the ancient times

Oirase stream has a 200 meter vertical interval and it also has various landscape along the stream from Lake Towada. To witness the season when leaves turn red, yellow, and brown is a mind-blowing experience. mountains turn into a full of autumn color when wet roads reflect an image of crimson foliage on a rainy day.

Surrounded by the crimson foliage, you can watch the stream of the famous hura(Ashura No Nagare) with a fierce of water splash among the colorful trees and rocks. you will be able to enjoy 9 landscapes including the breathtaking Kumoi waterfall (Kumoi No Taki) with a series of cascades dropping down from the cliff. you might just be lucky enough to see some Japanese serrow. It's the moment when nature takes your breath away.

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Oirase Mount


  • Address
    Okuse, Towada, Aomori Prefecture
  • Phone
    +81-(0)-17-735-5311  +81-(0)-17-734-9384

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