Strayed into Kokia Fantasy Land

Kokia is called "Houki-gusa" in Japanese which means broom grass. It's appearance is just like a broomstick or a tail of small animal that are fluffy and adorable rounded shape.
Back in the days, a dried Kokia stem was used to make broomstick. The autumn foliage begin at the end of September to beginning of October.

A Fantasy World Created by a Lovely Shapes and Colors of Kokia

There are about 32000 of Kokia at "Miharashi no Oka" in Hitachi national seaside park.
The green Kokia in summertime gradually turns red at the beginning of Autumn creates a gradation of green and red colors of a hill.
As autumn deepens, Kokia changes it's color from red to a color of raspberry, which creates a magical world covered by Kokia's deep crimson.  It's looks like those hills are wearing a fluffy raspberry colored sweater and it will make you feel as if you have stepped into a wonderland.
"Come, See,Touch Kokia Festival" is held at the end of September till the Middle of November and it is the best season to visit.

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