Tōfuku temple, one of the oldest and biggest temple in Japan

It's one of The Kyōto Gozan (five great Zen temples) which was built by Michiie Kujō who died tragically a long time ago. it tooks 19years to built the temple since 1236 when he was at the height of regent's prosperity. There are National treasure and important cultural properties of buildings lined up in a low which was saved from the successive fire during the war in medieval Japan. there was also an immense number of a National treasure of Buddhist images or painting collected in Toufuku temple.

Faced to a miracle wooden building(wooden temple) which has been existing over 1000years

There is an oldest and the biggest Japanese "Sanmon" in southern part of Kyoto, which is the important national treasure in Tofuku temple. "Sanmon" is the three gates you must go through to attain enlightement. when you climb up to the top of the Sanmon where you can get a full view of the southern part of Kyoto, you will find a world of vivid drawing and colored ceiling which is quite rare in Medieval buildings. Behind the main temple there is a residence of monk called "Houjo" in Ryōgin-an, a temple which is the oldest temple existing in the Houjo architecture. In addition to the important National treasure, there are a lot of highlights at the Tofuku temple such as Honbou garden created by Mirei Shigemori. The view of the autumn foliage from Tsūten-kyō bridge is considered one of the best places to see an autumn foliage in sothern part of Kyoto which is known as "The Sea of autumn foliage"

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Tōfuku temple


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