The only place in the world that wild deer co-exist with human

There are about 1200 deers living in the spacious Nara park. those deers in Nara Park are considered national natural treasure in Japan and these deers are not raised by human. A deer is regards as a divine messenger of Kasuga-taisha Shrine and Legend has it that when the shrine was built, The Gods of Kashima-jingu shrine came up by riding a deer. Due to this reason, all the deers in the Nara Park have been heavily protected for a very long time.

Let's interact with friendly deer in Nara park

The deers at the Nara park are extremely popular among foreign tourists. foreign tourists are surprised to see those deers waiting at the traffic lights and walking along the shopping street or sometimes even getting inside of these shops. it has become a part of daily life since Nara became the capital city in 1300. Go ahead and try to feed those deers with crackers call "Shika Senbei" you will be surprised to see those deers actually bow to the people feeding them. The event of Nara Deer Antler-Cutting Ceremony takes place at Nara park on the second week of October.

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