The Autumn foliage "Koya mountain" the sanctuary in the sky

Koya mountain is a sacred ground of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism which is located at about 800 meter at elevation set up by Japanese Buddhist monk Kōbō-Daishi in 816 and it is also recognized as Unesco world cultural heritage site. Shingon Esoteric Buddism beliefs regard mountains as a temple, named Kouya mountain, also regard all of the mountains as precinct. 52 out of 117 temples in the area are available to use for "Shukubo" (Shukubo is a temple lodgings where tourists stay to get a traditional lifestyle of Buddhist monks)

The Autumn foliage at the "Eirei-do"in Okuno-In temple is the biggest sanctuary ground in Koya mountain and there is no other place quite like it.
The Okuno-In temple which is very well known place as "Daishi Shinko"(the cult of worship of Kobo Daishi) and People believe that Japanese Buddhist monk, by the name of Kōbō-Daishi "Kūkai" is still meditating since 853.
To pray at Okuno-In temple you have to start from the Gobyo bridge. One must wear proper clothes and pray before crossing the bridge. Eating, taking photos and chatting is strictly prohibited. It is a "Reiiki" (Place of worship) once you cross the bridge.
After passing 20,000 of warrior graves and a "Gobyo"(A place where they celebrate the spirits of the ancestors and the spirits of the nobles)that "Kūkai"(Japanese buddist monk lived in 800 AD) meditates, there is a "Yūei-dō" mausoleum for the people died in war) which decorated in red and yellow silently appears.
The tunnel of autumn foliage at "Jabara Michi"(a small path extends from the entrance) is also a popular spot and there is an illumination display from 17:00pm to 5:00am of the following morning.

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