Captivated by the beauty of Garden like "Nishiki-e"( Japanese multi-coloured woodblock printing)

It is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan. The construction of the 'Daimyo Teien' (Gardens that powerful Japanese feudal lords made in the 1600's) started in 1687 by Tsunamasa Ikeda, the former lord of the Okayama, taking 14 years to build, in the Edo priod. The Japanese gardening skill have improved due to each feudal lords competing for their gardening skills during the Edo period, which have resulted in top-class landscape architecture. Out of these gardens, Kōurakuen is considered as a masterpiece of Japan.

Run into numbers of scenic sights while walking around the garden

"Chishio no mori" is one of the highlights amongst others. It was named by Tsunamasa himself and Chishio means "repeatedly dyeing" which symbolizes autumn foliage gradually turning red and yellow. One of the best views of Okayama is a jet-black Okayama castle across the thick layers of Autumn foliage. If you get tired by walking around, why don't you try "Kibidango" (Japanese dumpling sweets made from millet) at one of the 2 tea houses in the garden. You can also enjoy the illumination displays in the "dream like scenery of Autumn" starting from mid to late November.

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