Beauty in the valley brushed for 200 million years

"Oboke and Koboke" are valleys approximately 8km made by a torrent of Yoshino River crossing the Shikoku Mountains and have taken 200 million years to be created. The crystalline rock sharpened to an acute angle and takes on white luster and are called as the sculpture of the marble which nature towering over the both sides of the Yoshino River.

Autumn leaves coloring rock face such as towering marble

Oboke and Koboke have rugged landscape and dynamic scenery. It is as if looking at the chalk sculpture made by nature including several jagged rocks stand ranges by gorges. In fall, Autumn leaves add colors to emerald green river, which runs between white rock walls that craetes gorgeous panorama of the gorges in season. The trolley railway, which used to be popular amongst citizens was discontinued last year, however, a luxury train railway is newly opened this year and a gorge journey is now much more pleasant. The gorges scenery looking down from the train or walking trails are beautiful indeed, however if you wish to experience a dynamic rugged landscape of nature, excursion ship is highly recommended. Looking up the autumn leaves that lead to the sky while going down the valley which has taken 200 million years of creation is miraculously beautiful.

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