The old castle dye by autumn leaves

It is a one of the 100 most famous castles of Japan, which was built 400 years ago. it's also classified as 3 most famous Japanese castles at night. Kōchi Castle was rebuilt after it once burned down and it is now a graceful castle called "Number one castle of Nankaidō area(Shikoku area and part of Wakayama ken, Mie ken,Hyōgo kena areas)". After an order of abandoning castles in Meiji period, it became a Kōchi Castle park leaving Honmaru and it's surrounding areas. Opening for 24 hours for a free of charge.

The best combination of Autumn leaves and Kōchi Castle.

There used to be lots of castles in Japan but most of the Tenshu (Castle tower) are now lost due to burned down or abandoned. Out of all the castles built before Edo period, There are only 12 castle towers remain including the ones that repeatedly restored and reconstructed. Kōchi Castle is one of the 12 castle towers remained and it is colored by golden maidenhair tree accentuated by Japanese maple leaves turned red, Reddish brown and rainbow color. A carpet of fallen autumn leaves on the ground is beautiful, but the blue sky peeking through the autumn leaves over the head is absolutely splendid. There is an illumination display after the sunset to 22o'clock everyday. The old castle in the evening is definitely worth a visit.

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