Autumn foliage at the beautiful valley, where God decended from heaven

"Takachiho-kyou" is a canyon at the Gokase River. The sun god said to be the goddess of the Japanese emperor, the grandson of the Amaterasu "Ninigino Mikoto" was descended from heaven and seeded ear of rice plant. it is the legendary place known for the grandson of the Amaterasu was descended and brought the light to the darkness. "Takachiho" was named after this Japanese mythology. There is also a leading retired politicians who frequently visit from the Amaterasu faith.

Let's enjoy the autumn in the hometown of the mythology where gods live

"Takachiho" is a place where many Japanese mythology remains and is also famous for autumn foliage. it is truly impressive to see the autumn foliage at takachino valley, where 100 meters of stream running through the cliffs. the pyroclastic flow squirting from the volcano suddenly cooled down, which created a valley that became a cliff of columnar joints. it is remarkable to see a gentle color of autumn foliage along a rough cliff. the best time to see the autumn foliage is from mid to end of November. If you rent a boat, you can see waterfalls and autumn foliage of the cliff from Manai waterfall in the canyon. if you stand still in "Onokoro Pond" appear in Japanese mythology and water mill nearby with full of autumn foliage, it seems as if you have stepped into the wonderland.

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