Come see illuminated fall foliage!

The Hasedera Temple grounds are colored with flowers throughout all four seasons. This year round scenery where different types of flowers are always blooming is truly fit to be called "Kamakura's Western Paradise". Famous for its fall leaves, if you come here at night (special nighttime admission), you'll be treated to an illumination of what you can't see during the day.

Let's go see the illuminated fall leaves at Hasedera Temple

The grounds of Hasedera Temple are covered with many kinds of plants, so there are always flowers of some kind growing throughout the year. That is why this place is called "Kamakura's Western Paradise". The eleven-headed Kannon statue (Hase Kannon) in the Kannon-do hall and the various important halls that fill the temple grounds are historical sights you ought to see while at Hasedera Temple. Nature wise, the viewing spot where you can look out at Kamakura's ocean and townscape, and a walking path created on a slope are scenic spots worth seeing. There's even an illumination of autumn leaves (special nighttime admission) at this temple. The lights are slowly lit as the sun goes down, giving you the opportunity to see the colorful trees become more and more dreamy as night approaches. As you're enjoying the bright red maple trees, look down at the illuminations around the Myochi and Hojo ponds, and you'll see why they're the most magical of all. The lit up fall leaves are even reflected on the water!

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