Hachimantai, the Best Spot for Fall-Leaf Viewing in Iwate Prefecture!

The Tohoku region in Japan has a famous place called Hachimantai, where you can see beautiful fall leaves.

In Autumn, a lot of people visit Hachimantai for the fall foliage. We recommend it for sightseeing because you can even see the fall scenery at Hachimantai by taking the public bus.

Let's go see the autumn leaves of Tohoku (Iwate)!

The mass of mountains located to the north of the Ou Mountains in the Tohoku region of Japan is Hachimantai. Hachimantai is a volcanic region with many lakes and ponds, bogs, and hot springs.

You will be in awe when you see the mountains dyed in the colors of Autumn.

On the average year, the nature in this area shows a dramatic change in color between the end of September and mid-October. This marvel of nature reaches its peak in mid-October, where you can see an especially dream like scene of a grand broad leaf forest covered in fall colors. If you instead come during the early autumn, you can enjoy the fall fields at the bogs.

There are bus routes, so that you can enjoy the sight of fall while moving from spot to spot by bus.
Near the foot of Hachimantai is Matsukawa Hot Springs. Let's relax in the hot springs and enjoy the fall atmosphere, while being surrounded by the nature that Japan has to offer!

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