The Famous "Susuki (Silver Grass) Field" in Hakone Sengokuhara

Hakone is famous for its hot springs, but there are many other must see spots. One of them is "Susuki Field" in Sengokuhara.

Susuki is also known as Japanese Silver Grass, and is a kind of pampas grass. When it becomes fall, the feathery seed spikes of Susuki cover the hillside for as far as you can see.

Sunlight flashes down upon the grand scene before your eyes

Sengokuhara is a plain surrounded by Hakone somma and is also known for its Sengokuhara hot springs.

This area is blooming with rare plants and when fall comes, the plains that spread out from the base of Mt. Daigatake, become covered with feathery seed spikes of susuki (Japanese Silver Grass).

Susuki is a plant indigenous to Japan. No same kind exists in Europe and America, but they do have a type of tall reed called pampas grass. This is very similar to susuki.
Around the full moon of mid-fall is when the susuki spikes that were still blue change into a golden color. Seeing this scenery being able to feel the taste of fall (flavor) is said to be something uniquely Japanese. Why don't you come to Sengokuhara and try to feel the taste of fall?

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