A huge pillar of fire burns the night at the end of Autumn

Based on historical fact, "Taimatsu Akashi" is the one of three major fire festivals in Japan.

When "Masamune Date" who is known as god of war invaded Sukagawa castle, people hold up torches to protect their casle. After the invasion, castle is crumbled down and the festival has been passed down for 420 years to mourn for the people who lost thier lives and to repose of their souls.

The powerful fire festival to repose of the soul and pray for peace.

150 people walking around the city carrying a big torche, which is 10 meters high, 2meters in diameter and weighs 3tons. As soon as they are arrived at Gorou Mountain, a torche is stood up vertically by the power of human.

After a big torch has been lighted up by sacred fire, other 30 torches lighted up one after another, which creates be a big pillar of fire. the sky look as if it's burning.
Violent fire and sparks lifting off into the sky reminds the history of Sukagawa castle arsoned from upwind side and became sea of fire.

After the castle has crumbled down, people continued to keep the festival to repose the souls of the deceased by telling a lie to new lord of the castle as it is a "badger hunting".

Gorou mountain is the place where Sukagawa(Lord of castle)once tried to negotiate a Peace Treaty.
"Taimatsu Akashi" helds on 2nd Saturday in November.

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