A taste that locals love that represent Autumn

"Ishiyaki Imo" is a Japanese traditional roasted sweet potatoes.

These sweet potatoes are buried in the pile of small pebbles and are indirectly heated through the hot pebbles.This "Ishiyaki Imo" are totally different with the other baked sweet potatoes that are cooked in the oven.
It was the seasonal tradition from autumn to winter that these vendors will carry a special oven while at a food stand or pulling the food cart. Nowadays we can find "Ishiyaki Imo" in many supermarkets or at a "Ishiyaki Imo" speciality shop rather than just a food cart.

A nice and floury sweet texture using special recipes that you have never before experienced.

Ishiyaki Imo's biggest charm is its texture and sweetness. It is made from all natural ingredients but it is suprisingly sweet and also very healthy to consume. The secret for its delicious taste is its recipes.

These potatoes are indirectly heated through hot pebbles and are very gradually roasted.
These pebbles radiate an infrared which activates the conversion of the starch into malt sugar and due to this reason, these potatoes are much sweeter than the others. The texture of these potatoes are very fluffy and moist at the same time. it crumbles and melt in your mouth.

Ishiyaki Imo is the standard sweets which can be found in autumn and it is usually loved by people of all age, especially those who were born in Tokyo. you might hear a unique Ishiyaki Imo song out of nowhere if you happen to be in tokyo area, but once you do hear it, you should go and look for the Ishiyaki Imo's food cart.

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