Fall, the Season to Taste Brand New Rice!

Shimmai (New Rice) is the rice harvested in this year, but have you ever wondered when new rice is harvested? The answer depends on the region and type of rice, but it's usually in the autumn.

An especially popular brand of rice is "Koshihikari", produced in Niigata Prefecture. Of course you want to enjoy this freshly harvested Koshihikari in the most delicious way possible, right? If so, cook the rice using less water than you usually do.

Enjoy the taste of new rice in autumn

Once it becomes fall, rice bags with the sticker "Shimmai" begin to line the rice aisles of supermarkets. Rice that was harvested in the fall of that year is called "Shimmai" and they are one of the can't-miss tastes of the fall. "Koshihikari", harvested in Niigata Prefecture is particularly popular.

It's unique for being a very glossy and sticky rice, but has a sweetness to it too. The secret behind it all is the Shinano River that flows through Niigata Prefecture! It's said that this river carries nutrients down into the rice fields, making them the perfect place to produce rice.

When new rice is harvested depends on the region and type of rice, but in most cases the rice is harvested in the fall, starting from Western Japan and moving on up to Northern Japan. That is why Shimmai is known as the taste of fall!

If you have a chance to have this freshly harvested Koshihikari, of course you want to enjoy it in the most delicious way possible, right?Watch out though because if you use as much water as you usually do, the rice might end up being too soft. Freshly harvested rice is moister than older rice, so be sure to use less water than usual to cook possibly the best rice you've ever had.

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