Mushrooms are Nature's Blessing in Autumn

Do you know there are many types of edible mushrooms? They are nature's blessings offered from the nearby mountains. There are spots where you can gather matsutake mushrooms, as well as indoor farms where you can pick shiitake and maitake mushrooms year round.


Let's gather mushrooms, a fall time blessing from mother nature

In the nearby mountains, you will find many kinds of mushrooms. Their shapes and colors differ from one another, and some are edible while others are not. Even to this very day, mushrooms are a vital staple food for all throughout Japan. Entering into the woods to search for mountain vegetables and mushrooms to use for cooking is a wild experience that evokes your natural instincts and brings you joy.
You can choose between outdoor locations where you can actually go into the woods to search and pick up wild matsutake mushrooms, or go to an indoor farm to gather shiitake and maitake mushrooms.
Why don't you go out and get them yourselves?
Eating a mushroom hotpot out of the mushrooms you handpicked adds extra flavor you usually don't taste!

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