Kesennuma pacific saury, a fall treat!

When it comes to fall foods you can't forget about fatty pacific sauries. Once summer ends, the pacific sauries leave the northern Pacific Ocean and head down south, where they're caught at places like Hokkaido and the Sanriku Coast. Among all the ports in these areas, Kesennuma is one of the largest ports for catching pacific sauries.

Taste the authentic fall flavor in fatty pacific sauries

Thick and juicy pacific sauries are seasonal foods that you don't want to miss. The best period to enjoy this treat is from the start of September until the end of October. As the peak season starts to wind down, you'll notice that the fat on the pacific saury starts to decrease too. In the fall, pacific sauries head south from the northern Pacific Ocean and are caught at places like Hokkaido and the Sanriku Coast.

In these areas, there are many ports for catching pacific sauries, but Kesennuma is one of the largest ports among them. Because of this, a pacific saury festival is held in September at "Uminoichi", a sightseeing facility that's located in front of a fish market in Kesennuma city.

On this day, Uminoichi is filled with tons of visitors wanting to enjoy the taste of fall.

2,000 of the pacific sauries that were brought to Kesennuma fishing port are grilled with salt over a charcoal fire.

The freshly grilled pacific sauries smell absolutely appetizing and are even handed out for free!

The pacific sauries from Kesennuma are so delicious that they're even offered at a famous festival in Tokyo. So why don't you come to Kesennuma in the fall to eat delicious pacific sauries!

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