Savor the taste of the king of winter foods!

Located in the far west of Honshu is Shimonoseki, a straits city blessed with delicious foods, opened to the ocean, and surrounded by green. If we had to pick one food that represents Shimonoseki it would be fugu/pufferfish, a top of the line fish that truly is a must have dish filled with the tastes of winter. However, it can be enjoyed from November too! You can choose from a wide variety of fugu dishes, such as the famous fugu sashimi or other dishes like fuku-chige hotpot, hot sake with grilled fugu fins, milt fugu, etc. Come and discover a new and unique taste!

Fugu, an excellent winter dish that should be on your bucket list

Shimonoseki is a town full of liveliness, history, and beautiful sights for you to enjoy. Located on the westernmost part of Honshu, this beautiful straits city opens up to the ocean while being surrounded by green. When people think about food in Shimonoseki, the first thing that pops into their minds is fugu. The peak season of this delicious and fancy delicacy is in the winter, but it can still be enjoyed starting in November. When in Shimonoseki, you can select from a wide variety of fugu dishes and discover flavors you've never tasted before! One thing to remember though when ordering fugu is that it's called "fuku" in Shimonoseki. This comes from the kanji "fuku", which is supposed to bring you good luck. Now that you know this, why don't you try some fuku sashimi, fuku-chige hotpot, hot sake with grilled fuku fins, milt fuku, or some other fuku dishes? You won't regret trying it at the home of fuku cooking.

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