The Beauty of Potatoes in the Northern Country

If we're talking about Hokkaido, we can't forget about the soft and delectable potatoes. "Sayaka" is a type of potato in Tokachi with a refreshing taste and no bitterness to it. On the other hand, the "Tokachi Kogane" potato has a slightly powdery texture like an "Irish Cobbler" (a.k.a. Danshaku, most common potato in Japan), and offers a balanced flavor.

Let's eat the potatoes of the northern country

A Hokkaido staple is the soft and delectable potato. A potato with no bitterness and a refreshing taste to it is "Sayaka", a type of potato grown in Tokachi. It has very few dents unlike the "Irish Cobbler" (also called "Danshaku" and is most popular in Japan), so that the skin is easy to peel off. Although it is not very sweet, it doesn't break off when heated, making Sayaka a great option for boiled dishes such as pot-au-feu and stew!
Another potato grown in Tokachi is "Tokachi Kogane" which has a well-balanced taste and a slightly powdery texture like an Irish Cobbler. It can be stored for extended periods of time, making it ideal for businesses to use as processed food. You can select a cooking method to your liking, but we recommend frying it or boiling it because its color barely changes when you heat it. With a dormant period that's 50 days longer than the Irish Cobbler, Tokachi Kogane can be stocked for a long period of time.
Which of these delicious potatoes would you like to try?

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