A Mythical White Potato

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A very rare type of potatoes also known as White potato is found in Nii Ooshima Island located at Niihama city.It is so rare that some people gave it the name "Mythical Potato".
Mysteriously, a potato planted out of island would not be grown as a White potato.
only several tons of these potatoes are harvested every year and that is why these people are called " mythical potato"
Locals calls this Potato "Shichifuku Imo" which means Potatoes of the seven deities of good luck which bring good fortune and it is grown with great affection and care.
The harvest season is at the end of October to November.

Let's grab a legendary white potato which grows only on Nii Ooshima Island.

The skin of these potatoes is white in color but the inside is yellow color. These potatoes is stored up to a
period of two month to increase its sweetness. When these potatoes are baked you will see a natural syrup that will ooze out from it.                                                                                                                                  The main characterstics of these potatoes is that it is rich in fiber and has a very sweet taste but its texture is kind of sticky. When you boil these potatoes it becomes so soft and it will certainly melt in your mouth. It is a favourite to many people and cannot be compared to other types of food. It is grown along a gentle slope of Seto island sea which get plenty of sunlight.Now-a-days Japanese confectionery and "Shochu"(white liquor) made from these white potatoes are becoming as a polular local specialities.
It  takes 15minutes by Ferry to get Nii Ooshima Island from Niihama city Kuroshima port. 

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