An Autumn Harvest at Hirosaki Apple Park in Hirosaki City, the Largest Apple Producing City in Japan!

The park has 1,500 apple trees with 80 different kinds of apples.

You can enjoy harvesting the apples that grow during the season you visit in. There is a restaurant that use apples in their cooking, as well as a section where you can taste/purchase apple related products.

Experience an apple filled autumn!

Hirosaki City in Aomori Prefecture prides itself on being the largest producer of apples in Japan, and in this city is Hirosaki Apple Park, a park with 1,500 apple trees.

Hirosaki Apple Park is complete with facilities where you can learn about apples, experience apple production, and last but not least, try various apple recipes that you have never tasted before!

With 80 kinds of apple trees planted within the park, you can enjoy picking apples that grow during the season you visit.

There is even a restaurant that uses apples in their cooking, gift shops that have apple related products, and during the harvest season, you can taste/purchase the fresh apples!

This makes it an even more complete offering of apple facilities. The beauty of the apple flowers that grow at the end of cherry blossom season is also extremely popular. There are not many chances to learn about the harvesting and production of apples. Why don't you try it with your friends and family?

*There are times, such as during the winter where the experiences may be closed. Please check the web site for more information before visiting the park.

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