"Chestnut Gathering", a Fall Activity in the Mountains

"Ideno Sightseeing Chestnut Garden" in Sanze Village, Saga City is a location where you can gather chestnuts in September. With a reputation for being able to gather sweet chestnuts with big grains, it is not surprising that a lot of people come here every year!

Walking around the garden to look for the chestnuts in their burr on the ground, and picking them up using a tong is something everyone from kids to adults can enjoy!

Let's enjoy gathering gifts from the autumnal mountain

"Ideno Sightseeing Chestnut Garden" in Sanze Village, Saga City is located on a plateau full of green, where approximately 1,600 chestnut trees are planted. Even though the garden is open for a limited time (weekends and holidays in September only), this garden has become very famous.

It is because the chestnuts in this garden have a reputation for being sweet and having big grains. Being introduced on television shows several times spurred its fame, attracting many people every year in the gathering period.

When the chestnuts ripen, they fall on the ground, while still in their burr. They can be picked up as you walk around the garden. You can borrow tongs and buckets for free (taking home chestnuts are 700 yen/kg). If you are hungry, you can try some light food such as chestnut buns, steamed rice with chestnuts, shishi soup (soup with boar meat), rice balls, and rainbow trout grilled with salt!

Anyone from kids to seniors can enjoy chestnut gathering, so how about spending an autumn day here with your family and friends?

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