Eat, Play, Love – 5 Places for Romance in Chiba

by Kita Tomomi on 09 February 2018

Home to Narita International Airport and Tokyo Disneyland, Chiba is the gateway to Japan for international visitors, and a land where dreams can come true. With the sumptuous seafood from Tateyama, you could even call Chiba a food paradise. From exciting attractions to romantic sightseeing spots, allow me to recommend five great places to visit with your significant other.

1. Take a night stroll along beautiful Lake Hakkaku

Lake Hakkaku is a man-made lake located in the city of Togane in Chiba. The lake itself is small, at just 800 meters wide, but there are over 1,000 cherry blossom trees around the lake that come into bloom every spring.

From late March to early April every year, the trees light up at night during the Cherry Blossom Festival known as Togane Sakura Matsuri. Take a romantic stroll by the lake, and admire the pink glow of the cherry blossoms with your special someone.

There is no entrance fee, so it’s the perfect inexpensive option for a date. The lake is just a 10-minute walk from the JR Togane station of the Togane line, but if you’re planning to travel around the whole Chiba region, I’d recommend renting a car instead.


Address: Lake Hakkaku 141501 Togane, Togane-shi, Chiba
Getting there: Lake Hakkaku is a 10-minute walk from JR Togane Station

2. Experience farm life at Narita Dream Dairy Farm

For animal-loving couples, I recommend visiting the Narita Dream Dairy Farm (Narita Yume Bokujo). There, you’ll get to interact with animals, and enjoy fresh dairy products such as fresh milk and ice cream, right from its source.

You’ll also be able to rent and ride a segway around the surrounding area. Enjoy the refreshing breeze and peaceful landscape with your loved one as you explore the ranch on wheels. Besides that, they’ve got plenty of other activities that you can try together — you may even get the opportunity to milk some cows! If you’re planning on visiting, do prepare 1400 yen per adult for the entry fee.

They also have a sunflower farm, so if your significant other is someone who likes flowers, summer would be the best time to bring them. The regular operating hours are from 9am to 5pm, but in winter (between December to February) they’re only open from 10am to 4pm, so be sure to check in advance when planning your itinerary.


Address: Narita Dream Dairy Farm 730 Nagi Narita, Chiba
Getting there: Take the free shuttle bus from JR Namegawa Station
Opening hours:
(Mar – Nov) 9:00~17:00
(Dec – Feb) 10:00~16:00 [weekdays], 9:30~17:00 [weekends]
Entry fees:
¥1,400 (adult), ¥1,200 (seniors above 65), ¥700 (children aged 3 and below)
Attractions and refreshments within the farm are not included in the entry fees

3. Spend the day at the Country Farm Tokyo German Village

Country Farm Tokyo German Village is a garden theme park located in the city of Sodegaura. With sprawling lawns and a wide range of activities to do, you can spend an entire day here without getting the least bit bored — sip a pint of German beer as you lounge around admiring beautiful seasonal flowers, or challenge each other in a game of miniature golf. The park is divided into several sections, one of which is a children’s petting zoo where you can touch and feed animals such as miniature pigs, sheep, guinea pigs, and more.

In winter, the park will be decorated with festive lights that illuminate at night, creating a romantic atmosphere that’s quite different from the daytime — if you’re visiting during that time, I recommend spending your evening at the park with your partner for a little romance. Park admissions are at 500 yen per person. However, if you come by car, you’ll be able to drive around and park anywhere inside for just 2500 yen regardless of the number of people inside, so if you’re coming with your family or in a group, I recommend driving here.


Address: Country Farm Tokyo German Village 419 Nagayoshi Sodegaura, Chiba
Getting there: Take the long distance bus from JR Chiba Station, and change to the local bus at Sodegaura Station.
Entry fees:
¥500 per person; if you’re driving, the entry fee is ¥2,500 per car, regardless of the number of people in the car.

4. Make a splash at Kamogawa Sea World

If you’re hunting for date-worthy spots in Chiba, then Kamogawa Sea World is one attraction you cannot miss! Japan has its share of aquariums, but unlike many others, Kamogawa Sea World boasts attractions and facilities that are not just indoor, but outdoor as well. Experience marine life up close and personal through a series of entertaining performances featuring dolphins, sea lions, and even a majestic killer whale. Designed to showcase the incredible intelligence of these marine creatures, these performances are sure to amaze both young and old.

Besides watching them put up acrobatic tricks, you can also watch the animals get fed at the feeding pavilion. There are also many other exhibits that showcase the vast diversity and beauty of ocean life, my personal favourite being the jellyfish exhibit. To get there, you can either take the free shuttle bus from JR Line Awa Kamogawa Station, or a 2-hour long distance bus from Tokyo station. Admission is at 2800 yen per adult.


Address: Kamogawa Sea World 1464018 Azuma-cho, Kamogawa-shi, Chiba 296-0041
Getting there: Take the free shuttle bus from JR Line Awa Kamogawa Station, or a 2-hour long distance bus from Tokyo station
Entry fee: ¥2,800 per adult

5. Walk on the wild side at Chiba Zoological Park

If your significant other happens to be an animal lover, then a visit to the Chiba Zoological Park is sure to have them grinning from ear to ear. After all, who can resist the adorable faces of our little furry friends? The zoo’s mascot, Futa the red panda, became a visitor attraction and a television celebrity for his ability to stand upright for about ten seconds at a time. Although he’s no longer around, this family of red pandas continue to be the zoo’s main attraction. Besides cute critters, the zoo also has a conservation program for some rare and endangered animals, which are protected by the Washington Convention.

They also have a petting zoo, where you’ll be able to hold small critters, and get up close and personal with friendly animals such as goats and sheep. If you need a break from all the walking, there is also a lawn area where you can rest your feet and, if the weather’s nice, you can even make it a picnic date! Getting there takes 12 minutes by monorail from Chiba Station, 5 minutes from Tuga Station, and 16 minutes from Chiba Minato Station.

When planning your visit, do take note that they are closed every Wednesday, as well as the following day, if Wednesday happens to be a public holiday. The park also closes between December 29 to January 1. Opening hours are from 9:30 to 16:30, and admission is at 700 yen per adult.


Address: Chiba Zoological Park 280 Minatomachi, Wakaba-ku, Chiba
Getting there: Chiba Zoo is 12 minutes by monorail from Chiba Station, 5 minutes from Tuga Station, and 16 minutes from Chiba Minato Statio
Opening hours: 9:30 - 16:30
Entry fee: ¥700 per adult

Finally, if you’re planning to visit Japan with your significant other, surprise them with these amazing spots and create some fun and unforgettable memories together!