The best spots to admire Autumn leaves in Akita prefecture

by Manami Abe on 09 November 2017

Autumn leaves are beautiful everywhere. But if there’s one place they might be even more stunning, more upscale, and more of a tourist attraction than usual, it’s Akita prefecture. Clear, large lakes and rivers reflect the surrounding momiji – Japanese maple trees famous for their beauty in fall. And that’s the color of nature at its most stunning.

In Japan, seasonal changes are apparent, especially in fall. From October to mid-November, leaves change from green, to red, to yellow, adding a splash of color to the trees and mountains. During that time, many Japanese folks go on hikes, or get closer to nature on momiji-viewing trips.

Today, we will be introducing some great spots to catch Autumn leaves in Akita.

1. Tamagawa
As a Class A river, Tamagawa is not only important to the Japanese authorities, but popular among the people as well. In fall, the surrounding blue and orange hues combine to lovely effect. You might not know it, but the river flows all the way to Lake Tazawa, the deepest lake in Japan. You don’t need to go up the mountains to enjoy the view – simply drive around the area, or stop by the river for a break.

Name: Tamagawa
Address: By National Route 341

2. Tatemata Valley
At Tatemata Valley, three waterfalls are lined up for you: Ichinotaki, Ninotaki, and Koubetaki. Ninotaki is especially beautiful in fall, with its momiji and red-yellow Autumn leaves. And it’s no exaggeration to say that these powerful falls have the ability to rejuvenate the senses, thanks to the surrounding views and the clean, fresh air.

However, for safety reasons, you won’t be able to visit Tatemata Valley in winter, from mid-November to late May.

Name: Tatemata Valley
Address: 〒018-4731 Uttou district, Kitaakita-shi, Akita

3. Housen Lake
Located at the midpoint between Hacjimandaira and Lake Tazawa, Housen Lake is said to be especially beautiful because the aluminum particles in the water reflect on the surface, giving it a cobalt-blue tint.

As with the previous attractions, a must-see at Housen Lake is the view of the momiji leaves reflected on the lake surface. In fall, the surrounding mountains even appear to change colors. And that’s why so many tourists love visiting it during that season.

Name: Housen lake
Address: 〒014-1205 92 Tamagawa Shimo Mizuna, Tazawa-ko, Senboku-shi, Akita
Official URL:

4. Koyasukyou
Koyasukyou is a gorge located in Akita prefecture’s Yuzawa city. Its beauty peaks in Autumn, thanks to the colorful trees that line both sides of the river. Near the upper parts of the river lies a popular sightseeing spot – a hot spring village called Koyasukyou Onsen. And if you explore the area, you might find Daihuntou, a place nearby where the rising steam contrasts magnificently with the Autumn leaves as backdrop.

Name: Koyasukyou
Address: 〒012-0183 5-1 Minaseyumoto, Yuzawa-shi Akita
Official URL:

5. Taihei Lake
Taihei Lake is an artificial lake formed after the construction of the Morikichi dam. Within the lake, there are 13 gorges and streams of various sizes. With reflections of momiji on this gigantic lake, the view stands out spectacularly from those in the forests. You can even get closer to the leaves, by taking a boat ride for just 1,200 yen (for adults).

Name: Taihei lake
Address: 〒018-4511 Dai 1052 Rinhannai, Moriyoshisunakozawa, Kitaakita-shi Akita Prefecture
Official URL:

We hope you enjoyed this article. Akita prefecture is especially beautiful in Autumn, especially when there are water bodies in sight. Get on a boat and explore the areas – I’m sure you’ll make memories that will last for life!