Lagunasia: Light up your winter nights

by Kita Tomomi on 05 March 2018

Nagoya offers spectacular sights all year long but if you make a trip there in winter, there is one place that is certain to make you see the city in a whole new light: Laguna Ten Bosch.

Part theme park, part fantasy land, Laguna Ten Bosch is a destination in itself. Step in and you’ll be greeted by four zones each offering a different experience.

There is Laguna Marina, an ocean theme park with fun-filled cruise rides. Nearby, Laguna No Yu is a spa facility complete with hot springs. For shopping and dining, Laguna Festival Market offers an astounding array of choices. But undoubtedly, it is Lagunasia that is everyone’s favorite in this sprawling fun land.

Nights Of A Million Lights

Every year, Lagunasia hosts one of the most anticipated winter events in Japan: Laguna Illumination Collection.

This visual extravaganza is a winter light show like no other. Glittering displays shimmer like jewels and give the exhibition area a dream-like atmosphere.

As you soak in the sights, magical imageries created by projection mapping make you feel like a child all over again.

Gaze up and be mesmerized as you stroll under a million twinkling lights forming the famed 13 Rainbow Arches of Happiness - truly an unforgettable sight.

Light Meadow

Coming out of the arches, you’ll find yourself in a newly opened nature-themed meadow where 3,500 colorful lanterns surround a symbolic tree.

Wait around for one of the three daily performances (6:40pm, 7:10pm and 8:10pm) when the display launches into an animated dance of swirling lights, as if it’s telling a story about nature’s boundless beauty.

Dazzling displays are not the only attractions that will get your heart racing. You’ll also find roller coaster and ferris wheel rides, theater performances, a 3D aquarium where swimming fishes are hand-drawn by visitors, and fantasy games such as MagiQuest.

Loved by both the young and old, MagiQuest invites participants—each armed with a magic wand—to embark on a fantasy quest much like a role-playing PC game except players experience it in real-life.

However you fare in the game, you get to take home a worthy prize: the magic wand! Remember to accessorize it to make it truly your own!

If you love flowers (and who doesn’t?), Flower Lagoon might entice you to extend your stay until spring.

In winter, rows of blooming pansies and violas stretch as far as the eye can see, but come spring the colorful landscape transforms as roses and hydrangeas replace their winter counterparts.

With so much to enjoy, it’s hard not to make Lagunasia your next holiday destination. So start planning with the family and your loved ones today!

Laguna Ten Bosch
Address: 2-3 Kaiyocho, Gamagori city, Aichi 443-0014

Getting there:
1 hour by train from JR Nagoya Station to JR Gamagori Station on JR Tokaido Line (970 yen fare), then board the free shuttle service from Bus Stop No.7 to Laguna Ten Bosch. Shuttles operate every 30 minutes from 8am until 11:50pm.