​Stay at these Lodging Accommodations for the Best Views of Mt. Fuji!

by Jnto Jnto on 28 January 2020

Stay at these Lodging Accommodations for the Best Views of Mt. Fuji!In June 2013, the symbolic representation of Japan, Mt. Fuji, was registered as a World Heritage Site. Each year, over 3 million visitors come to Japan in hopes of taking in the colossal mountain’s spectacular views.Stay at these Lodging Accommodations for the Best Views of Mt. Fuji!Booking a lodging accommodation around the area is the best way to ensure you get the best views of Mt. Fuji from morning to night. Let’s look at the best hotels and inns to stay in, nearby Yamanashi and Shizuoka to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes surrounding Mt. Fuji.

Which area should I choose: Shizuoka or Yamanashi?

Stay at these Lodging Accommodations for the Best Views of Mt. Fuji!World Heritage Site and Japan’s tallest mountain, Mt. Fuji, stands at a whopping 3776 metres tall. As Mt. Fuji borders both Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures, many first-time visitors have a hard time choosing which accommodation to stay at in the area.Which area should I choose: Shizuoka or Yamanashi?Shizuoka or Yamanashi?The landscape of Mt. Fuji drawn on the back of the new 1000-yen bill is that as seen from Yamanashi. The five lakes at the base of Mt. Fuji“Fujigoko” are all located in Yamanashi, makes it the only side from which you can see the upside-down reflection of Mt. Fuji. If you prefer to enjoy the view of the lakes while admiring Mt. Fuji, we recommend you reserve a hotel in Yamanashi.Shizuoka or Yamanashi?Which area should I choose: Shizuoka or Yamanashi?On the other hand, if you stay in Shizuoka, you can see Mt. Fuji from the south. Mt. Fuji’s view from Shizuoka is referred to as the “face of Fuji” where the landscape of Mt. Hoei, formed after the volcanic eruption of Mt. Fuji during the Edo Period (Mt. Fuji’s largest lateral eruption), and Shizuoka’s characteristic tea fields can be seen.
The views that can be seen from each prefecture are as different as the various sightseeing spots in their respective areas, so researching the spots you would like to visit nearby and deciding on a hotel nearby may be a good plan.

Enjoy views of Mt. Fuji while relaxing in hot springs in Yamanashi!

Yamanashi is accessible from Tokyo in approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes by limited express train. Why not enjoy a day trip toYamanashi and take in the beautiful sights of Mt. Fuji while enjoying a soak in the nearby hot springs?

Enjoy celebrity-level views of Mt. Fuji from Shizuoka!

Enjoy celebrity-level views of Mt. Fuji from Shizuoka!

From accommodations located in Shizuoka, guests can enjoy views of Mt. Fuji as well as the ocean. Perhaps the best spot to view Mt. Fuji is from Shizuoka’s Izu Peninsula.
In western Izu, there are numerous accommodations facing Suruga Bay. Fugaku Gunjo, a hotel with a mere 8 rooms total, boasts views of the ocean from each room’s open-air bath, and views of the ocean and Mt. Fuji from the terrace deck and shared open-air baths. Guests can relax in luxury like celebrities in the spacious 130-metre-squared private suites.

Izu “Kawazu-zakura” cherry blossomsFrom Japan’s earliest blooming “Kawazu-zakura” cherry blossoms to the views of Mt. Fuji from Japan’s longest suspension bridge, “Mishima Sky Walk”, Shizuoka truly has some miraculously beautiful landscapes to behold. We hope you will enjoy sightseeing in the area as well!Enjoy celebrity-level views of Mt. Fuji from Shizuoka!Mishima Sky Walk

  • Fugaku Gunjo
  • Address: 2461-1 Yagisawa, Izu City, Shizuoka
  • Access: a 50-minute ride on the Tokai Bus from Izuhakone Railway Sunzu Line’s Shuzenji Station

  • Shoutoukan
  • Address: 7 Uchiuramito, Numazu City, Shizuoka
  • Access: a 15-minute shuttle bus ride from Izu-Nagaoka Station ※Reservation required