Hokuriku & Shinetsu Region

Nestled along the Sea of Japan on the country’s main island, Honshu Island, the region is made up of three prefectures in Hokuriku (Ishikawa, Toyama and Fukui) and two prefectures in Shinetsu (Nagano & Niigata).

Be amazed by the breathtaking views of the soaring mountains and the deep blue sea. Recharge your body and soul by soaking in the pristine nature and majestic landscapes.


Take a trip down to Ishikawa prefecture where it is well known for its rich history, art and natural beauty.

Kanazawa is definitely the perfect escape for every art and nature enthusiast. You can immerse yourself in the charm of the artistic gold leaf products and the beauty of nature in Kenroku-en Garden. You can even relax and de-stress in the hot springs of Kaga Onsen!


Let your eyes feast on the magnificent scenery of Toyama. Its spectacular forests and pristine waterways are what makes this prefecture really stunning and unique. Enjoy the great seasonal seafood while you’re there too!

Take a stroll down the World Heritage Gokayama villages and experience local village life. It’s well known for its traditional Gassho-zukuri huts, which are thatch-roofed designed to withstand heavy snowfalls.


Find your zen in Fukui! Head over to Eiheiji temple located in the mountains where you can meditate and experience zazen. Discover the panoramic view from Maruoka Castle that overlooksand be amazed by the spectacular cliffs and coastline at Tojinbo!

Also, don’t forget to set foot in a World Class Dinosaur Museum! The Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur museum has more than 40 dinosaur exhibitions on display!


Take a climb up the beautiful highlands of Nagano. This place offers magnificent views with great outdoor activities. Nothing beats skiing and snowboarding during the months of winter!

Or if you wish to have a more relaxing adventure, take a stroll around the highlands to discover the village of Tsumago or even make a trip to visit the village of Narai.


Niigata features beautiful serene rivers and scenic mountains to immerse yourself in nature’s grace. You can also experience skiing at Echigo-Yuzawa mountain! Make your trip more exceptional by sipping down some fine Japanese sake in Niigata, the prefecture home to 90 sake breweries and famous for producing Japan’s top quality sakes!