Enjoy nature to the fullest, be it cycling along the Shimanami Kaido, cruising on the Seto Inland Sea or riding the Kankakei Ropeway on Shodoshima Island.

Historical Sites

The culture in this region has flourished through the ages and given rise to the establishment of grand castles, magnificent gardens, as well as temples and shrines that are now visited by people from all over the country. There are also lots of traditional old streets to explore in this region.


Well-known for its modern art scene, the islands in the Seto Inland Sea also host the Setouchi Triennale Contemporary Art Festival which is held every three years.


Surrounded by the sea, the Setouchi region is a culinary treasure trove that offers not only seafood, but also a variety of comfort foods, such as local ramen, udon and okonomiyaki!