Winter gives the wonders of Japan a special kind of magic. It transforms onsens into paradises, cuisine into heart-warming fuel, and Japan's beautiful sceneries into ethereal dreamscapes.

Japan's wintertime beauty has inspired countless haikus, some of which became revered literature.

Wait, what is a haiku?

Consisting of only 3 lines, the haiku is the world's shortest form of poetry. The first and last lines feature 5 syllables, while the second line features 7.

Many Japanese poets see the haiku as the perfect way to distil the beauty of the four seasons. Here's a winter haiku by famous poet Matsuo Basho (1644 - 1694), translated into English:

Now’s your chance to experience these haiku-inspiring winter sceneries – with our Winter in Haiku Quiz Contest! Our contest winner will enjoy a free trip for 2 to wintertime Japan — including a pair of domestic tickets!

A free trip for 2 to Japan


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All you need to do is guess the right attraction to each of our 3 winter haikus and submit all 3 attractions in your Winter Wanderlist with an interesting caption!

The contest runs from 18 September to 30 September, so start guessing now!


  • Guess the attraction from each Haiku

    Create your Winter Wanderlist on Contest page

  • Create a Wanderlist and name it 'Winter Wanderlist'

    Search for the 3 correct attractions using the haiku’s keywords

  • Add the 3 correct attractions

    Save the 3 correct attractions to your Winter Wanderlist

  • Submit and share your Wanderlist

    Caption, submit, and share your Wanderlist

JAL is holding a haiku contest too – for kids! The 15th World Children’s Haiku Contest starts 1 October 2017. Time for your kids to unleash their poetic chops! To learn more about submission guidelines, visit