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Izumo-Taisha Grand Shrine

〜Home to the God of Marriage〜Besides love and marriage, Izumo-Taisha Grand Shrine is also known as the shrine for good relationshi...

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Kakunodate The Sam

An old samurai residences that still exists, which was constructed during the Edo Period in Ancient capitalThe Kakunodate town was...

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Oyu Stone Circle

Oyu Stone Circle Located in the city of Kazuno in Akita Prefecture, the Oyu Stone Circle is an archaeological site dating back ...

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The fireworks in Omagari

You’ve probably seen fireworks at countdown celebrations and in movies, but experiencing a fireworks festival live in Japan is a r...

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Tazawa ski area

Tazawako Ski Resort is a ski area located in the Mizusawa hot spring village in Senboku City. As its name might imply, you’ll be a...

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Tamagawa Hot Spring

Tamagawa Hot Spring in Senboku, Akita Prefecture, is a unique facility with therapeutic bathing for the purpose of recovery and co...

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Senshu Park

Akita’s Senshu Park, one of Japan’s most beautiful parks, was created in 1954 on the site of Kubota Castle. Unlike most Japanese c...

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If you are in Akita, try Iburigakko, a traditional pickle with a unique, smoky taste. Made from smoking daikon radish over a Japan...

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