American Village


Jan 6, 2017

Mihama American Village is a large entertainment complex located in Okinawa. It was built to resemble an American outdoor shopping mall, with lots of shops, restaurants, cafés, and a large parking lot. I really enjoy strolling past American-style storefronts on brick pathways lined with palm trees.

The options here for shopping, fashion and apparel in particular, are endless. Unlike Tokyo, where stores are relatively small and compact, you’ll get to enjoy the luxury of relatively spacious stores. My favorite store to visit when I’m here is SOHO, an American specialty store than spans across 3 levels.

I also like to buy souvenirs from Aeom Kitaya Shopping Centre. You can find things like snacks, sweets and accessories, which make great souvenirs as they can be distributed easily. Unlike the typical souvenir shops at sightseeing spots that are tourist traps, you can get great variety and range of choices at reasonable prices.

At dusk, take a stroll down to Sunset Beach and enjoy the beautiful sight of the setting sun. After which, enjoy a lovely dinner at one of the many restaurants or food establishments available. My absolute favorite, albeit a little unhealthy, is American fast food chain A&W. Enjoy a refreshing glass of root beer (about 200 yen) and some delicious chili cheese curly fries (450 yen).

If you’re looking for a place to kick back and enjoy some alcohol afterdark, Mihama American Village has a number of establishments opened until midnight or even later. Watch a video

日本初のファストフード店「A&W」で、ルートビアとチリチーズカーリーフライをキメるのが、私のお気に入りです。ホテルは、敷地内の喧騒を離れ、ヒルトン北谷リゾートをチョイス。優雅なリゾート気分を満喫しつつ、遊びたくなったら歩いてアメリカンビレッジへ、というのが、賢い使い方かもしれません。 ビデオを見る

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