A barren world of white the emerges only during winter


Feb 1, 2019

The Notsuke Bay of Betsukai Town in Eastern Hokkaido is a famous place for shrimp and scallops, but during winter from January to early March, it becomes completely frozen and covered in snow, turning into a vast field of white that stretches to the horizon. This place has been aptly named the “Ice Horizon”. Because the place is normally an ocean, there are no mountains or structures around, and there is practically nothing in sight except for the snow and the sky. This makes it a great place to take forced perspective trick photographs.

To visit the Ice Horizon, you can join a guided tour offered by the Notsuke Peninsula Nature Center. In the Ice Horizon Walk, you will walk around 3 kilometers into the snow field while wearing snowshoes. If you're lucky, you might also come across herds of Ezo deer crossing the frozen landscape. The best part of the tour is taking countless trick photographs in the vast field. You can even make use of small items to create your own original trick shots. The unique photos you’ll get to take and the fun you’ll have at this location is certainly worth the long trek to get there.

Betsukai Ice Horizon Walk

Address: Notsuke 63, Betsukai Town

Website: http://betsukai-kanko.jp/ice-horizon/index_en.html

Phone: +81-153-82-1270

E-mail: notsukenc@aurens.or.jp

※Reservation by phone or e-mail required. Only phone reservations are accepted 3 days before the actual tour date.

Season: Mid-January to early March (may vary depending on the condition of the ice)

Cost: Adults (age 13 and up) 3,500 yen / Children (age 6 to 12) 1,750 yen / Infants (age 0-5) Free

Tour times: ①9:30 ②12:30

Time required: About 2 hours (tour includes a 3-kilometer walk)

Items to bring: Warm winter clothing, headgear, gloves, snow boots

Information about transport passes:

JR Hokkaido Rail Pass


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*Information is correct as of January 2019.

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