Besshonuma Park


Jun 27, 2017

If you’re ever feeling worn down by Tokyo’s hustle and bustle, consider paying a visit to Besshonuma Park in Saitama City!

This spacious 79,000 square-meter park stretches for 1.5 kilometers from JR Urawa Station. It attracts people of all ages, like fishing enthusiasts, joggers, walkers and parents playing with their children.

Within the park, you can find a children’s section, a multi-purpose area, and a jogging track. There is also a large pond with a small shrine and two symbolic twin fountains.

At the entrance of shrine, two stone guardian dogs greet you. They protect the shrine’s goddess of the Seven Deities of Good Fortune. Remember to clean your hands at the entrance before entering!

You’ll also notice an interesting looking monument of Urawa-Unako chan, the mascot of Urawa-Ku Saitama City. The mascot is the creation of the author of Anpanman, a popular kids anime.

I love how the park reminds me of western forests. There are gigantic Metasequoia (or Dawn Redwood) trees inside, which give a very therapeutic energy to the place.

So do consider visiting this park! It’s a great place for relaxation.

東京の喧騒に、ちょっと疲れた人に、おすすめのスポットが、さいたま市にある別所沼公園(Besshonuma Park)。
JR浦和駅(Urawa Station)から約1.5キロの広々とした公園です。 79,000㎡の敷地には、児童公園や多目的広場、ジョギングコースが設けられ、大きな池と二つの双子噴水(Twin-Fountain)がシンボルです。

両側に狛犬が設置されている神社には、七福神(the Seven Deities of Good Fortune )の中の女神が祀られています。

さいたま市浦和区のマスコットキャラクター「浦和うなこちゃん(Urawa-Unako chan)」のモニュメントも、可愛らしく設置されています。


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