Daibosatsutoge Cafe


Jun 27, 2017

I would like to introduce a nice resting spot that’s along the way from Tokushima City to the southern part of Tokushima Prefecture.

To get there, head south from Tokushima City along National Route 55. Pass Anan District, until you find an old- and rustic-looking brick building.

It doesn't look like it from the outside, but it’s actually a café! Covered in ivy and moss, the café, Daibosatsutoge, looks like something out of the anime movie, “Laputa: The Flying Island"".

Upon entering the café, I felt like I was transported back in time. The old-fashioned coffee shop exudes a sense of warmth with its equally unique interior. I was even more surprised to learn that the owner himself built the café brick by brick!

I thought that the menu was quite ordinary though, but I guess it can’t be helped when compared to a building this interesting. There was curry, pork cutlets, sandwiches, pizzas and even yakisoba.

I ordered a karaage set meal that was delicious. It cost 950 yen and came in a large portion.

Here’s a fun fact: Daibosatsutoge is also known as the Sagrada Familia of Tokushima. Yes, the Sagrada Familia which is under construction in Spain!

Don’t you think the buildings bear some similarities?

Visit and find out for yourself!

徳島県市から国道55号線を南に進み阿南市街(Anan District)を越えて少し行くと見えてくるのは、廃墟のような不思議な建物。
実は、喫茶店なんです。レンガ造りの建物は、ツタが絡まり苔が生えた「天空の城ラピュタ:Laputa: The Flying Islandの」のような雰囲気です。

どこか別の世界に紛れ込んだかのような感覚を覚えます。 この建物、驚くべきことにオーナーがほぼ一人でレンガを積み上げて、1から手作りしたとのことです。


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