Enoshima Electric Railway


Dec 8, 2016

When you think of Kamakura, you’ll think of the Enoshima Electric Railway, also known as ‘Enoden’. The train service is a convenient way to travel through major tourist attractions in Enoshima and Kamakura, and is loved by residents and tourists alike.

I remember how surprised I was to find the retro-looking train slipping in and out of residential areas. It was nice catching a glimpse of the local way of life.

To really enjoy the train ride, sit by the window so you can enjoy the scenic view of the ocean and mountains that come by.

Buy a one-day travel pass too, so you can hop on and off as you please! Watch a video




電車もレトロなデザインで感じで可愛いですよ。 ビデオを見る

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