The Glass Studio in Hakodate

Yoshiaki Tanaka

Dec 8, 2016

Interested in making your own unique glass piece? Hakodate is famous for glass craft, and tourists can experience glassblowing in a few factories! I personally think The Glass Studio has the best historical ambience among all the factories despite its size. Even if you’re a beginner to glassblowing, there’ll be friendly teachers around to guide you!

I created my own glass for around 1,800 yen. The shape of the glass changes depending on how you blow it. It’s an incredibly fun experience! Do note that the glass you make needs some time to cool down, so you can only collect it the next day.

その中でも、The Glass Studio in Hakodateは個人的に最もガラス工房の雰囲気が楽しめると思います。

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