Guest house of Saga HAGAKURE


Aug 11, 2017

To me, getting to know the locals and learning about their culture or way of life is perhaps one of the best experiences of travel. If you share the same sentiments, you’ll really enjoy staying at Hagakure, the first ever dormitory-style guesthouse in Saga.

Newly opened in Spring 2017, the guesthouse had been remodeled from an old restaurant into a stylish new space, and is located just 5 minutes from Saga Station. Accommodation on the second floor of the guesthouse consists of 6 tatami mats and a dormitory with a bunk bed.

It also has a communal shower, as well as a shared kitchen, complete with a microwave oven and tableware so you’ll be able to cook your own meals. In addition, they also offer individual lockers for you to contain your personal items and valuables.

The room rates are at 4,000 yen per person for a Japanese-style room, and 3,500 for the dormitory. There’s also a common room on the first floor, where you can interact with fellow travelers and locals. If you’re there between 19:00 to 23:00, you can swing by the Sake Bar, which offers a variety of Japanese sake from Saga. It’s the perfect place to make friends with the locals or enjoy a nice casual chat with fellow travelers.

そんな願いを叶えてくれるのが、 2017年春にオープンした佐賀県初のドミトリー型ゲストハウス「HAGAKURE」。
佐賀駅から徒歩5分、 飲食店だった建物を改装した、木の香りが漂うオシャレな空間です。 2階の宿泊施設には、6畳の和室と2段ベッドのドミトリーがあります。シャワールームやシェアキッチンのほか、電子レンジ・食器なども共用で利用できるし、貴重品を管理できる個別のロッカーがあるのも嬉しいポイント。宿泊料金は、和室(3人部屋)1人1泊4,000円、ドミトリー1泊3,500円です。 そして1階にはコミュニティスペースが。地域の人たちと旅人が交流できる場所として開放されていて、不定期でイベントも開催しています。
さらに夜19:00~23:00には佐賀の日本酒を集めた「SAKE Bar」がオープン!

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