Hachikyo Restaurant


Dec 8, 2016

Sapporo is famous for its variety of seafood and there are seafood pubs everywhere in the city. Unsure where to eat? I’d recommend Umiaji Hachikyo.

Umiaji Hachikyo gets most of its ingredients from a region in Hokkaido called Rausu. The sashimi I had was fresh and delicious.

When it comes to seafood, we often don’t pay attention to salmon roe. But here, salmon roe is the highlight of a specialty salmon roe don because there’s really lots of it. When you order it, the staff will pour a heap of salmon roe into your bowl saying “Oisa~! Oisa~!”, which means 'Here you go~! Here you go~!' to add to the lively atmosphere. Just for the fun of it, sometimes we like to shout along with the staff, saying 'Oisa~! Oisa~!' and have a good laugh while we're at it.

With your rice bowl filled with salmon roe and for just 2,000 yen, the delicious seafood don here is bang for your buck. I'm sure you'll enjoy the high-spirited vibe too!





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