Homangu Kamado Shrine


Feb 3, 2017

The Homangu Kamado shrine was built to ward off evil and protect the Dazaifu Tenman-gū shrine.

It may not be as well known as Dazaifu Tenman-gū, but the Homangu Kamado shrine has been gaining popularity among women looking to pray for luck in love.

Not a woman or already happily in love? Well, you can still go to the shrine to pray for other things, like the wellbeing of your family, or success at work.

And if you’re looking for Omamori (amulets of luck and protection), you can find them here too. They come in cute and colorful designs for about 1,000 yen each.

If you think you’ve seen it all at the Dazaifu Tenman-gū shrine, think again! A completely different atmosphere surrounds the Homangu Kamado shrine.

実は縁結び(※結婚相手と出会うこと)の神社として 密かに女性たちの中では人気を集めています!


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