Huis Ten Bosch


Dec 8, 2016

Ask anyone living in Japan if they wish to visit Huis Ten Bosch at least once, and the answer will be yes!

Huis Ten Bosch is where you can find a little bit of Europe in Japan. It is a theme park in Sasebo, Nagasaki, that resembles the Netherlands. About one and a half times the size of Tokyo Disneyland, it has windmills, canals and buildings that resemble what you’ll find in the Netherlands.

One of the largest theme parks in the country, it lets you ‘experience’ the beauty of two countries when you visit Japan! In fact, it’s so big, it’s separated into 2 zones. I suggest you get a one-day pass (6500 yen) which lets you enter both. Look out for my favorite attraction … the House of Chocolate Earl, where rich chocolate flows endlessly out of a faucet!

Popular all year round, you’ll find Japan’s largest water park here during summer, and a beautifully lit scene in winter. Seasonal flowers make sure it’s picturesque whenever you visit. And if you're lucky enough, there might be fireworks at the end of the night!




回るところが多いので1Day パス(6500円程度)を購入し、一気に回ることをオススメします。


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