Irori Chaya


Mar 3, 2017

To my knowledge, Irori Chaya is the only restaurant in Japan that serves a dried fish buffet!

What is dried fish? Dried fish is freshly caught fish that has been soaked in salt water, and then dried in the sun. This is a traditional Japanese method that preserves and retains the flavors of the fish.

And guess what? Izu, Japan, happens to be the kingdom of dried fish! While you’ll find many dried food shops all around, none serves a dried fish buffet like Irori Chaya.

Here’s what you expect at the shop. First, choose your food items, like the type of fish and vegetables (about 2,000 yen). Then, grill them over a nearby Hibachi (traditional Japanese grill). To be honest, the experience of grilling dried fish over an actual fireplace is quite rare, even for Japanese!

Irori Chaya is the reason why many tourists flock to Atami Izu. It’s not every day that you get to sit around a fireplace and watch your food cook slowly, while you sip and enjoy some sake!







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