ise sea paradise


Mar 3, 2017

The best place to get upclose and personal with sea animals is Ise Sea Paradise. From the time you enter the aquarium, you will be able to interact with marine life such as northern sea-lions, walruses, sea lions and seals.

When you walk up to the front of the buildling, a couple of todos in a big tank will welcome you. You will notice a baby northern sea-lion – it was just borned in July 2016! The reason why this entrance is always crowded is that Ise Sea Paradise is the only aquarium in the world where you can touch a todo.

The next spot I would like to introduce is the Sea Animals Square. There is a cute seal and walrus you can touch during patting time. At the Dophin Pool, you can play ball with dolphins. It’s so surprising how the dolphin can catch and throw back a ball even with no trainer around!

Of course, as usual, this aquarium also exhibits colorful seasonal fishes. This interaction with animals is an unforgettable experience you must not miss! Admission costs about 1,600 yen for adults and about 800 yen for children.



一度行ったら忘れられないスポットです。(大人1,600円、小人 800円)

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