Isuzugawa Cafe

mugen kyo

Feb 3, 2017

Located along Isuzukawa River, the entrance of Isuzukawa Café can be hard to find at first glance. That is precisely why this hidden café is so charming and rustic!

The flooring and general décor of the café is an exquisite blend of Japanese tradition and modernity, giving it a homey feel.

For 1,000 to 1,500 yen, you can get your coffee fix and a small cake. While you sip your drink, enjoy the fresh air from surrounding greenery, the therapeutic sounds of the river and the gentle cool breeze. I recommend coming here in spring or summer. It’s the best time!

It’s great that the café is hidden as families with young children usually don’t wander this far. You can expect it to be peaceful and quiet. It’s a great place for couples to spend some romantic time!




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