Jingu Chokokan and Agriculture Museum


Feb 3, 2017

Jingu Chokokan is the oldest private museum in Japan that houses the history of the Ise Shrine.

The exterior of the building is easily recognizable by its elegant Renaissance architecture. Inside, you’ll find many artefacts from the Ise Shrine, like jewelry, on display. During my last visit, I saw these items up close and really learnt a lot about the Ise Shrine.

Another museum you should visit is the Jingu Agricultural Museum – Japan’s oldest museum of Industry and Agriculture. It exhibits materials related to the Jingu's imperial estate and artefacts related to agriculture, forestry and fisheries of the Meiji era.

I really liked how the museum was built with a hint of western architecture.

Both museums are located in a forested area between the Ise Shrine and Ise city. There is a very peaceful and spiritual vibe around the museums, which I really love.

Admission is about 500 yen for both museums, which I find is a reasonable price for the amount of Japanese culture you can learn.





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