Dec 8, 2016

Want to feel like you are walking or, rather, driving on water? Rent a car and take a drive across Kaichu Road in Uruma city. Exploring Okinawa by car is 10 times MORE fun so I'd highly recommend you do so! The 5km-long road is like a bridge right through the sea, and takes about an hour to get from Naha to Kaichu Road.

When I visited during summer, I was lucky there were few cars on the road and I enjoyed unblocked views of the spectacular emerald waters. I wound down my window and felt the relaxing sea breeze on my face. The best time to visit is at noon when the tide is high.

I recommend you continue this fantastic journey by crossing Hamahiga Ohashi bridge to Hamahigashima Island, known as the island where god lives. It’s strange, but I did feel like there was some kind of healing power on the island! Watch a video






そこからさらに、浜比嘉大橋を渡って浜比嘉島へ、本島から船を使わずに、まさかの離島体験。神が住まう島との異名通り、ヒーリングパワー全開の、癒しの時間を過ごすことができます。 ビデオを見る

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