Jan 6, 2017

In Okinawa, the locals love their music. There are many bars here where you can enjoy great Okinawan music, but perhaps one of the greatest and most famous music bars is Kalahaai, along the coast of Mihami American Village.

Featuring live performances by female duo Tink Tink, you can enjoy enchanting music along with great food and drinks. Let me recommend some food that’ll go great with your beer: fried beans and pork feet (about 900 yen), or Okinawa soba peperoncino (about 500 yen).

I think pausing between bites of the delicious food and enjoying the musical performance is a great way to wind down after a long day.

Stepping out of the bar, you’ll find yourself right on Sunset Beach. I love the lively atmosphere all around — the sounds of reggae music in the distance, the smell of barbecue, and maybe you could even catch the lovely fireworks display. Watch a video

店を出れば、目の前のサンセットビーチは、イベントで大盛況。レゲエサウンド鳴り響く中、BBQを楽しむ人々や屋台をひやかす人々で溢れ、最後は打ち上げ花火で大団円。夏休みの間は毎日こんな浮世離れ感が続きます。 ビデオを見る

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