Kawazu Wasabi de Nakasetai


Jan 6, 2017

Do you know that you can find the best of Japan’s wasabis at Izu Kawazu?

In order to produce such high quality wasabi two important factors have to be present: ‘beautiful’ water and a cool environment.

Izu Kawazu is blessed with both. It has clean rivers with high quality water and just the right temperatures.

That’s why it attracts a lot of visitors, who can be seen crowding around the wasabi farmhouses. They are there to eat “Anbatawasako” – a sweet mix of wasabi, pork and butter … in a bun! It’s a must-try local specialty. Oh! They are also probably there to buy a wasabi t-shirt, a souvenir you can only find there!

After filling your stomach, you can visit a famous waterfall there called ‘Nanadaru’. Picture yourself by a picturesque waterfall. It’s a sight beautiful enough to move you to tears!






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